iff Card

What is iff Card?

It’s a card that you keep that allows you to go by bus without having to pay with change each time, whether you travel regularly or just now and again. It’s a smartcard that you simply ‘load’ money on to - either when you first get on the bus or, if more convenient, in town at our customer service centre in Wood Street - then choose whichever ticket option suits your needs. When it’s getting low just top it up the same way.

Why should I have an Iff?

For a start, it means the end to worrying about having the right change with you - all you do is place the card on the reader when you get on the bus. It’s also the future of paying for travel. Thousands of people all over the country are discovering the undoubted benefits of similar smartcards being introduced by bus and train companies nationwide.

Find out more at cardiffbus.com/english/smartcard.shtml