Parking Strategy

The City of Cardiff Council’s vision is for our city to be Europe’s most liveable capital city. 

Cardiff’s new Parking Strategy aims to manage parking effectively in order to balance the parking and access requirements of residents, businesses, commuters and visitors with the need to support the Council’s wider transport strategy to increase sustainable travel and achieve modal shift.

The location, quantity and cost of parking can have a major influence on the choice of travel mode that people make, and this in turn has a marked impact in the neighbourhoods that people travel through.

Cheap parking at or near major travel destinations can increase demand for car based travel and generate more traffic on the highway network. 

This leads to increased congestion which results in:

·         longer travel times,

·          less efficient public transport trips and

·          a less attractive environment for people who wish to walk or cycle for their trips. 

 Commuter parking in residential areas has a negative impact on the liveability of those streets.

This is why the effective management of parking can make an important contribution to the Council’s vision for a liveable city.

The Parking Strategy covers a wide range of parking activities and measures relating to the provision, control and management of parking, including:

·         Parking for cars, cycles, powered-two wheelers, taxis and coaches;

·         On-street and off-street parking, including public off-street parking and private non-residential parking;

·         Parking in the City Centre, District and Local Centres, and Residential areas;

·         Parking enforcement;

·         Parking charges;

·         Parking policy related to planning proposals;

·         Park and Ride; and

·         New technology.

The strategy and its supporting policies underwent consultation with the public and with stakeholders including local councillors. It was approved in September 2016 and is designed to last at least 5 years. The strategy has an action plan that will be updated to reflect how work is progressing and developing over the life of the plan. 

The Strategy, Policies and Consultation Report are available to read and can be downloaded on this page.

Information about residential parking schemes can be found here.

An information page about blue badge parking and the provision of disabled bays will be provided soon.