Westgate Street Proposals

Improvements for cycling

  • Continuous segregated cycle lane on both sides of Westgate Street along its full extent.
  • The junction between Westgate Street and Park Street will be signalised, with provision for cyclists.
  • The junction with Westgate Street will connect cycling provision on Castle Street and Westgate Street

Improvements for walking

  • More public realm space gained through the reconfiguration of the carriageway.
  • High quality landscaping and improved street furniture.
  • Two new signalised pedestrian crossings incorporated into the new junction layout at Park Street.

Improvements for buses

  • Two-way split bus gate that will control traffic movements along Westgate Street and give priority to buses. A bus gate is a short section of road blocked off to all traffic except buses, cycles and taxis.
  • Northbound bus stops KL, KM, KN, and KP will be consolidated into a single bus lay-by.
  • Southbound bus stops KD, KE, and KF will be consolidated into a single bus lay-by. Bus stops KF, KG, GP and KJ will be removed. Bus stops KK and KH will be retained.

Road design and layout

  • Westgate Street will be reduced to one lane in each direction along much of its length.
  • The bus gate will restrict through movements on Westgate Street.
  • General traffic will be given the opportunity to turn around prior to the bus gate by using the Guildhall Place and Golate y Gwter one-way loop.
  • The two raised table sections on Castle Street will be merged to create an extended section of raised table.

Parking and Loading

  • All existing points of access will be retained.
  • Some changes to existing loading bays on Westgate Street can be viewed in our parking and loading guide.
  • Westgate Street will only be accessible to general traffic from the north.