The competition

Last year we asked for cycling related designs to display on BT and Virgin Media cabinets along some of our key strategic cycle routes. We had a great response and selected 35 designs to be replicated on the front panels of the cabinets.

Congratulations to all the CabinART winners. The designs are now complete and you can see the winning artwork on our key routes!

You can locate the cabinets and view the artwork on our downloadable interactive map here.

This map is best viewed in Internet Explorer or Safari. If you are experiencing problems viewing, please right click and download the file.

Additional Information

Cardiff Council is committed to developing a fully linked up strategic cycle network. Through public consultation we identified a network of 9 key routes linking the city centre and secondary radial routes.

In April 2011 we launched a competition to name Cardiff’s cycle network, with Enfys (Welsh for rainbow) being selected as the winning name. We think the brightly coloured logo makes a confident statement about the future of cycling in Cardiff.


Each key route will be signed using the specific colour coding for the route for easier identification, an example of which is below: