Introducing Enfys - Cardiff's Cycle Network

Cardiff’s taking cycling seriously.

The public and cycling groups across Cardiff have had a say in how the network of cycle routes across the city needs to be improved. 

The new Strategic Cycle Network Plan

The new plan for cycling in Cardiff was developed using information gathered in a consultation about cycling in Cardiff which took place last year.

It identifies a main network of routes and the work needed to create them.

The main network includes the:

  • Ely Trail,
  • Taff Trail,
  • Rhymney Trail
  • Bay Trail

and will develop routes to lots of other destinations across Cardiff including:

  • Ely
  • St Fagan’s
  • Fairwater
  • Llandaff
  • Ty-Glas
  • Heath
  • Rumney and
  • campuses of Cardiff Metropolitan University

Earlier this year Cardiff Council launched a competition to name the network.

The winning name was ‘Enfys’, which is the Welsh word for rainbow.

All the key routes will have a different colour and their own signposting which will look like this.

A new Cycle Design Guide has also been developed which sets out best practice in the design of cycle facilities. This will become the main point of reference for the design of all traffic management and highway schemes in Cardiff.

The Cycle Design Guide has been endorsed by both Sustrans and the Cardiff Cycle Campaign group.

Cardiff Council is also working hard on initiatives to improve access to bikes, cycle parking, and cycle training. We are also supporting community and celebration days to encourage more cycling in and around the city.

Work on the new cycle network has now begun with Route 3 along Newport Road as the first priority. The Newport Road consultation is now over but the scheme plans are still on line so that you can see what we’re doing. Go here for more details.

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