2013/14 - Route 6 - Neville Street/Cowbridge Road East Junction

As part of the development of Enfys, the Cardiff Cycle Network we are proposing to carry out improvements to the junction of Neville Street/Cowbridge Road East.

This scheme has been developed following a series of workshops and a walk-through with stakeholders.

Currently people on bicycles travelling along Cowbridge Road away from the city centre are required to move into the right hand lane to be able to make the right turn onto Cowbridge Road East through Canton.

The aim of the scheme is to allow this movement to be made more comfortably and safely without having to change lanes. This will make it easier for less confident cyclists to travel through the junction.

The proposal includes:

  • cycle lanes to guide the cyclist through the junction
  • a ‘jug handle’ to allow cyclists to access the cycle crossing
  • a cycle crossing running parallel to the existing pedestrian crossing
  • the existing pedestrian crossing to be upgraded from a staggered, two stage crossing to a single stage crossing

This arrangement will allow the cyclist to cross on to Cowbridge Road East and continue on their journey on road, while the pedestrian will cross onto the pedestrian island.

Extensive modelling has been carried out, the results of which show that this option is unlikely to have a significant impact on traffic flows through the junction.

If you have any comments or ideas about this scheme please get in touch on before the 7th August 2013.