06 March 2017
Map showing 20 MPH limits is revealed

A map showing the n...

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01 February 2017
Cardiff Cycling Strategy and Integrated Network Map Consultation

City of Cardiff Council has now launched public consultation on the Cardiff Cycling Strategy 2016-2026, which set...

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03 November 2015
Parking Strategy Consultation

Cardiff Council is consulting o...

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08 October 2015
Active Travel Existing Route Map Consultation

The Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013 places a duty on local authorities to plan for, improve, and promote routes fo...

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15 March 2013

A Walkable Neighbourhoods Plan for Cardiff

Cardiff Council is developing a Walkable Neighbourhoods Plan to identify improvements necessary to deliver better walking environments across the city. Walking is at the heart of creating vibrant communities, is free and offers a wide range of health and environmental benefits.

The development of the Walkable Neighbourhoods Plan is being funded by the Welsh Government in response to their recent consultation on the Active Travel Bill White Paper. This will require local authorities to map existing local walking and cycling routes and to identify and map improvements necessary to deliver integrated walking and cycling networks. Cardiff Council has already developed a Strategic Cycle Network, which identified a network of core cycling routes and is informing investment in cycling infrastructure across the city.

The Walkable Neighbourhoods Plan is currently in the development stage. In addition to reviewing the existing walking network and identifying key local attractions, such as schools, shops and community facilities, the Council would like to know how you currently travel, what would encourage you to walk more often and how the existing network could be improved. Please complete the following survey by 1st April 2013.

The survey is now closed.