06 March 2017
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01 February 2017
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03 November 2015
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08 October 2015
Active Travel Existing Route Map Consultation

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22 October 2013

Consultation Helps Shape New Travel Schemes

The Council’s transport team have consulted with the public on a range of proposals for new schemes to improve how we travel in the city.

Following the consultation process a number of the schemes have been adapted to incorporate public feedback.

The schemes that have been updated are Donald Street and Route 6, a cycle route in the west if the city.

Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning and Transport Cllr Graham Hinchey, said: “Consultation with the public on these schemes has been vital to ensure we are providing traffic solutions that are tailored for the people who use them most. The feedback has helped us to adapt and change the schemes in order to deliver schemes that the public want.”

The changes to the schemes are as follows -

Donald Street

Following consultation and additional transport assessment on Donald Street and all of the parallel streets, the following recommendations have been added to the proposals for the Donald Street scheme:

  • Adding traffic calming measures on the approaches to the junctions of Arabella Street/Moy Road junction and Diana Street/Moy Road junction which will reduce the speeds through the junctions
  • Raising the mouth of the junction on both Arabella Street/Albany Road junction and Diana Street/Albany Road junction to slow traffic down and give greater priority to pedestrians crossing the road
  • Relining the junctions where necessary on Moy Road to ensure there is clarity as to who has priority through the junction
  • Monitoring of accident records/correspondence/speeds/traffic etc at all other affected junctions and streets with a commitment to address issues that arise
  • The streets in this area have also been identified for inclusion in the Cathays/Roath 20mph limit pilot.

Route 6 Cardiff Bridge to Victoria Park

As a result of the public consultations and street audit a number of amendments have been made to this scheme across the cycle route. The changes are as follows -

Section 2 – Cardiff Bridge

  • The segregated lane widths have been revised to 2.1m footway and 1.4m cycle lane.
  • The toucan crossing on the Taff Trail will be realigned to remove the pinch point and more closely follow the desire line.

Section 3b – Neville Street junction

This will see the introduction of the first cycle crossing in Cardiff which will run parallel to the upgraded pedestrian crossing on Wellington Street

Section 4 – Neville Street to Llandaff Road

  • The roundabout markings at the Kings Road junction have been replaced with a speed table and selected lane markings
  • The pavements will be widened by incorporating buildouts into the footway
  • Other buildouts will be removed completely

Section 5 – Llandaff Road to Clive Road

  • During the consultation requests were received for works to this section to be included in the final scheme. Additional funding has been secured to include this – the works will include: resurfacing, lane marking removal, the addition of speed tables to the existing pedestrian crossings, removal/reinstatement of build outs, removal of street clutter such as guardrail where possible

Cllr Hinchey added: “I would like to thank everyone who took part in the consultation. Their views have played an important part in shaping the schemes which will help improve safety and how we travel around the city.”