06 March 2017
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01 February 2017
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08 October 2015
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28 August 2015

New Technology - Parking Sensor Pilot in Cardiff

 Part of the future approach to manage parking in Cardiff is to invest in new technology which will make it easy to find car parking and make parking enforcement more efficient.

Cardiff Council is working with Smart Parking Ltd on a low cost pilot of parking sensor technology. This will help the Council assess how effective these systems could be for the city and how they could be used in the future.

How does it work?

The technology is very simple:

A sensor is drilled 2 inches into the road. These connect using infra-red technology to antennas mounted on nearby lamp posts and then, using 3G sim cards, over the internet to a ‘guidance app’. 

The information is used to update the free SmartApp that can be downloaded onto smartphones. This can then be used this to check where the availability of parking at a destination, helping drivers to plan where to park. This information is updated every few seconds so the information displayed is ‘real-time’. 

The system is integrated with google maps. 

Parking can’t be reserved or paid for using the app.

How do drivers access information? 

Firstly download the app using this QR code: 

 Or visit:

Then open up the App and enter Cardiff in the search field. 

You can search through a list of parking locations, or by clicking on the ‘map’ tab, you can see a map of Cardiff with parking shown as icons. 

Green icons indicate that there are lots of spaces available at that location.

Amber and red icons show areas where parking is already taken.

Blue icons show other parking options in Cardiff that aren’t covered by the pilot. 

Clicking on the icon will show what type of parking is available, how, much, and the time limits and costs for parking there. If you move from one location to another on the map you should hit the ‘refresh’ symbol to make sure that all the available parking is properly displayed on the screen.

 Don’t forget that drivers using the app should ensure they don’t break the law on use of mobile phones whilst driving.

Where the pilot is operating

The following areas are included in the pilot:

Pay and Display Bays

West Grove

The Walk

Museum Avenue

Museum Place

Park Place,

Pay and Display Car Parks

North Road Car Park

Severn Road Car Park

Sofia Gardens Car Park (access road)

Limited Stay Shopping Areas

Wellfield Road

Albany Road

At the end of the pilot the Council will review how well it has operated, and what benefits it can bring to the city if it is rolled out more widely. A wider rollout would be subject to funding being available and a full procurement exercise, which would need to be undertaken in order to expand the system.


Technical issues should be reported direct to Smart Parking Ltd via the App.