06 March 2017
Map showing 20 MPH limits is revealed

A map showing the n...

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01 February 2017
Cardiff Cycling Strategy and Integrated Network Map Consultation

City of Cardiff Council has now launched public consultation on the Cardiff Cycling Strategy 2016-2026, which set...

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03 November 2015
Parking Strategy Consultation

Cardiff Council is consulting o...

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08 October 2015
Active Travel Existing Route Map Consultation

The Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013 places a duty on local authorities to plan for, improve, and promote routes fo...

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13 March 2014

Sharecymru All Wales Journey Sharing Scheme

Sharecymru helps you travel more sustainably whilst commuting, on business and at leisure.

When you’ve registered at, you can add journeys you’re planning to make and find people with whom you might share.

  • If you live in a rural area, sharecymru could be a great alternative to public transport for getting around.
  • If you’re based in a city or large town, sharecymru could help to reduce congestion and reduce demand for parking.
  • If you’re a job seeker, sharecymru could give you better access to attend interviews and start a new job.
  • If you sometimes drive on shorter journeys, sharecymru could give you the chance to cycle, walk or jog, either on your own or sharing with new contacts you make.

In every case, sharecymru can help you to save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Register and add a journey by the end of March and you could win a tank of fuel.