Walkable Neighbourhoods Plan for Cardiff

Cardiff Council is close to finalising a Walkable Neighbourhoods Plan for the city. The finished plan will identify the improvements we need to make to deliver a better walking environment for the city.

During its development the Walkable Neighbourhoods Plan has conducted a review of existing provision for walking journeys in Cardiff, and identified the barriers that exist to making journeys on foot.

The plan has also developed a framework that helps to ensure that investment in walking infrastructure is:

  • strategic in nature,
  • represents value for money
  • has maximum impact in terms of encouraging walking,

Two pilot neighbourhoods (Rumney/Llanrumney and Ely/Caerau) are covered within the plan which also sets out a robust process for identifying prioritised improvements in other areas of the city which will emerge over time.

The Walkable Neighbourhoods Plan for Cardiff has developed in response to the Welsh Government’s emerging Active Travel (Wales) Bill.
The Bill requires all local authorities in Wales to

  • continuously improve facilities and routes for pedestrians and cyclists and
  • to prepare maps identifying current and potential future routes for their use and
  • to consider the needs of pedestrians and cyclists on new road and improvement schemes.

The plan also complements Cardiff’s Strategic Cycle Network Plan which is being implemented to develop a network of main routes across the city to make sure investment maximises the uptake of cycling in Cardiff.