Activities and Initiatives

Walking Bus and Park & Stride (f)

Park and Stride from a designated car parking area. In the mornings, pupils gather at the designated car parking area, adult volunteers will then escort them for the remaining walking journey into school. At the end of the school day, parents or adult volunteers escort pupils on the return journey to the car park. This type of walking bus may also have designated ‘bus stops’ on its walking route from which more pupils could be collected and dropped off at specific times. A walking bus follows a pre-determined route. Adult volunteers begin at a designated starting point and follow a pre-defined route stopping at pre-arranged ‘bus stops’ at specific times to pick up pupils on route into school. On the return journey the walking bus follows the same route dropping off pupils at the ‘bus stops’. If you are a parent, teacher or governor and would like more information about how to start a Walking Bus please contact a member of the Road Safety Team on

Walking Zone Guide (f)

A walking zone is a way for a school to define an area around the school, within which children and families are encouraged to walk rather than drive everyday. Those who live further away, and choose to drive or take public transport in, or near, the walking zone are encouraged to walk to and from school every day.
Those who live further away, and choose to drive or take public transport, are asked to park or hop off outside the zone and walk the rest of their journey. This guide provides a step by step approach to setting up a walking zone at your school. Download the guide here

Park and Stride Guide (f)

Park and Stride is a simple idea for families who live far away, to enjoy the benefits of walking to school. Simply ask parents to park a ten-minute walk away from school and complete their journey on foot or if they take public transport suggest they get off a few stops early. This makes it easier for families to incorporate walking in to their school journey and is a great idea where school streets have limited space for vehicles. Your school can also set up a formal Park and Stride scheme, to find out more visit