School Route Audits (f)

Help with planning and leading a local audit of facilities and routes is available from the Active Travel Plans Team. If you would like further support or to talk to someone about conducting a route audit please us travelplans@cardiff.gov.uk or 029 20 872063

Cycle Parking (f)

To help encourage more people to cycle, Cardiff Council is giving away up to four free cycle stands plus free delivery to organisations in locations where cycle parking is needed – workplaces (including schools), leisure facilities or amenities open to the public. Successful organisations will receive their free cycle stands but they will need to undertake their own installation. Contact travelplans@cardiff.gov.uk for more information.

Cycle to Work Scheme

The ‘Cycle to Work’ salary sacrifice scheme gives you the chance to save up to 48% from the cost of a new bike. The scheme offers all employees of Cardiff Council the opportunity to have a 10% discount from the retail price of most bicycles and safety equipment as well as additional savings on Income Tax and National Insurance contributions of up to 48% off shop floor prices. If you purchase a bike you will receive an 18 month warranty (instead of the usual 12 month cover) and you can spread the cost of your bike and accessories with no finance charges. The scheme normally open for six week period in Autumn and Spring. To find out the latest information on the scheme visit https://www.cyclesolutions.info/cardiff

Nextbike Bike Hire

Cardiff’s Cycle Hire Scheme is run by Nextbike (UK) Ltd. The scheme is designed to make cycling accessible for people who don’t want to buy a bike, or who haven’t got the space available to store one, and to make it easy for people to join up with other sustainable transport modes. Whether it be the journey to school or for local trips around the city, school staff employed by Cardiff Council are eligible for free annual membership which means any cycle trip less than 30 minutes is free. To find out more, contact Nextbike on https://www.nextbike.net

Green Cones

Schools can apply to the Council to place green cones on ‘School Keep Clear Markings’ . To apply for green cone please email RSO1@cardiff.gov.uk The Council will seek approval from Welsh Government on the school’s behalf. Please note that the school will have to cover the cost of green cones. Each cone costs approximately £7.50 plus VAT.