Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSO) (f)

The Junior Road Safety Officer initiative aims to highlight to parents and guardians the dangers associated with parking and traffic congestion around school entrances.
Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs) have a very important role as they help raise road safety awareness and promote road safety issues to everyone in the school and the wider community. The JRSO programmes works with Year 5 pupils and runs throughout the school year. To register your interest in the JRSO programme email,

Streetwise (f)

The aim of the streetwise initiative is to raise awareness of road safety to ensure that children have the skills needed to travel safely to their secondary school. The training is offered to Year 6 pupils and runs throughout the school year. To register your interest in the Streetwise programme, email

Go Ride for Schools (f)

Gain confidence, skills and an introduction to cycling with 6 x 60 minute weekly sessions. Sessions take place during the school day and are available to year 5 and 6 pupils. To arrange a session or find out more contact Will Soffe / 07561 430978

WOW Travel Tracker

With WOW Travel Tracker, pupils who travel actively to school each week, e.g. walking, cycling or scooting, are rewarded with a monthly badge, helping build healthy habits for a lifetime. The web-based system records all modes of travel to school and can be used on different digital platforms for pupils to input their journeys each day. It also offers schools and local authorities a comprehensive method of gaining valuable insights into school travel habits especially when used in conjunction with the free WOW classroom resources or any other active travel initiatives. The WOW Travel Tracker uses icons instead of pupil’s names, but classrooms have the option to display name tags should they wish to. To find out more about the WoW Travel Tracker programme visit or contact Living Streets on 02073774900