Skills and Training

Free adult cycle training (f)

Whether you’re new to cycling, haven’t been on a bike for a while or are an experienced cyclist, the training offers Level 1, 2 and 3 National Cycle Standards Training, To register for a free one hour session, visit

Learn to Ride (available to children aged 4 and over in school holidays)

This course is aimed at children who are unable to ride a bike. Children will learn in very small groups to be able to balance and make the bicycle move safely. If this is achieved, they will then be taught the Level 1 National Standards Cycle Training Objectives. The course costs £20 per child. To book a session, please email:

Learn to Ride (delivered to schools) (f)

During quiet periods Learn to Ride can be provided to schools and delivered during the school day. For further information please email:

Child Cycle Training (available to schools, delivered during school day) (f)

National Standard Cycle Training supporting children to develop an essential life skill. Delivered through two levels (typically Year 5 and 6) ranging from basic control skills to cycling confidently on the road

Child Cycle Training (during school holidays)

In addition to the school-based courses, National Standard Cycle Training courses are held during the school holidays at the Road Safety Centre in Maindy. The course is open to all Cardiff children aged nine years and above who are able to ride and own a bike. The course runs for four mornings or afternoons. To book a session, please email

Independent Travel Training (f)

The Independent Travel Training Scheme (ITTS) aims to give pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN) the key skills and confidence to travel around the city independently, using public transport and/or walking. 

Kerbcraft (available to schools, delivered during school day) (f)

Kerbcraft teaches children in year 2 how to be safer pedestrians by showing them how to make the right decisions to keep safe. If your school is interested in signing up to Kerbcraft, please

Cycle Training for school staff (f)

If your school staff are interested in cycle training the Council can arrange to visit the school and offer cycling training. To arrange your session email:

Scoot to School Training (f)

Scooter training is available for children from Reception to Year 2. Training is offered during quiet periods in the school year. For further information please email:

School Assembly (f)

The Council can provide a one -off assembly to schools if there is a particular concern about Road Safety or a new piece of infrastructure, for example where a new feature like a zebra crossing has been placed outside the school the Council can provide an assembly on how to use it. For further information please email:

Cycling for Schools: Teacher coaching

Develop your knowledge and ability to coach cycling on school grounds. Training takes half a day and costs £50. To book training contact Will Soffe, / 07561 430978