Pop Up Cycleway: Red Route

Since the start of the social distancing and lockdown provisions during the Covid-19 pandemic, the capacity of public transport has been severely limited. To facilitate and enable more journeys a temporary and safe series of cycleways will be located along strategic routes within the city. The council has a responsibility to ensure all road users are safe and this includes vulnerable new cyclists.

The next route we are engaging on is the Red Route Albany Road.

It is proposed that Red Route Phase 1 be installed along Albany Road from the junction with City Road/Mackintosh Place to the junction with Wellfield Road.

To facilitate the route:

  • The parking on the northern side of Albany road would need to be removed;
  • Bus stops would be maintained;
  • Where needed loading bays and the disabled bays relocated on the southern side;
  • At the junctions, cyclist signals would be incorporated where needed.

An Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA) and engagement with Cardiff Access Focus Group will be conducted as part of the scheme consultation.

We would seek to begin construction early 2021, subject to successful engagement.

To view the detailed route plan, view the engagement pack below.

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