New EV charging points
Published on 16.07.2019

Cardiff Council has now installed the first of its public EV chargepoints in 10 locations focussed in the Penylan, Riverside and Canton wards of the City. Locations that are already operational can be found on ZapMap.

The system is provided by SWARCO eConnect  and provides 7kw chargepoints that will provide a full charge for an average electric vehicle in around 4-6 hours. To ensure that there is good turnover of these spaces they will be subject to a 5 hour waiting restriction and vehicles must be connected to the chargepoint when parked there.

Drivers would need to register at or via the Swarco E-Connect App (available for Android and OSX devices), payment can then be made via a debit or credit card.

More chargepoints are planned across the city. To help us focus future chargepoint roll out in the places most needed by residents, you can suggest new locations by contacting:

Please make sure you suggest places that:

  • Are not immediately outside residential properties;
  • Have wide pavements;
  • Have plenty of public parking space available; and
  • Are on streets where there are no driveways, private garages or other private parking spaces. (Individuals can apply to OLEV for their own grant funding to support to install chargers on their property)

We will then review the suggested locations and consult with the local power provider (Western Power Distribution).

A wider programme

The Council has ambitions to provide a network of EV chargepoints across the city to enable residents and visitors to drive and charge their EVs in the city. Work is currently being undertaken to develop a delivery plan and we will provide more details in the near future.

Council’s fleet

The Council is taking the first steps to replace a proportion of its vehicle fleet with EVs. The initial phase is focusing on the replacement of small cars and vans over the next few years.

Developers guidance note

The Council has set out the type and number of EV chargepoints it expects to be provided in new developments across the city.

More Information

On-street residential EV chargers are:

  • Council asset and are installed on the adopted highway.
  • Classed as ‘permitted development’ as they are being provided by the Local Authority.
  • Controlled by legal orders as designated parking spaces for EVs so residents who choose to drive EVs have the opportunity to charge their vehicles near their homes.
  • Located in residential areas, but not in resident parking bays or directly outside residential properties.
  • Installed where they will not block access for pavement users
  • Away from other infrastructure on pavements.