Healthy Travel Cardiff
Published on 17.04.2019

Healthy Travel Cardiff

Healthy Travel Cardiff is an approach being taken across the public sector in Cardiff to encourage staff and visitors to our sites to walk, cycle, take public transport or use an ultra low emission vehicle. This is to help reduce people in Cardiff to be healthier and happier, and improve air quality for current and future generations.

You can read more about the reasons why changing how we travel is so important in the report Moving Forwards: Healthy travel for all in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan.

Nearly a third of adults of working age in Cardiff work in the public sector. Many of the largest public sector organisations in the City have signed up to the Healthy Travel Charter which sets out 14 commitments the organisations have made to support healthy travel over the period 2019-22.

We are excited about the potential to change how we move around Cardiff and would like to hear from you if your organisation would like to sign up to the Charter.

For more information on Healthy Travel Cardiff take a look at the Charter, or contact