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Eden, Indie & Dele

Lauren and her husband Manny live in Heath with their three young children: Eden 7, Indie 6, and Dele, 3. Between the two of them, they take it in turns to get their children to Ton-Yr-Ywen Primary which is about a mile away. Some of the roads they take are busy, so the children ride on the pavement. Even Dele has been cycling since he was two, and can be quite fast!

Manny often rides an adult scooter with the children, or Lauren cycles with a seat on the back for Dele. Lauren told us:

“People often tell us how brave we are for cycling with the 3 of them, but its actually totally achievable, and not tricky at all. All the kids are so proud to arrive at school on their bikes.”

She went on to explain the benefits it has had for her family:

“As well as cycling obviously being better for the environment, it gives us, as very busy parents some incidental exercise which we struggle to fit in to our hectic schedule. Practically, it is easier to cycle as you know how long it will take, it saves the time and stress of trying to find a car parking space outside school. I often drop the children at school and then continue on my bike to work meetings.”

Lauren has some advice for families beginning an active travel school run:

“Cycling with kids can be daunting at first, so do a practice run, find the best route and the safest crossings. We want our kids to enjoy cycling…and they love it. But if the weather is awful and really wet, we do occasionally drive so they continue to enjoy it”.