Bike Security

Cardiff Council provides purpose built cycle parking for you to lock your bike to and you should use these wherever they are available. The Council is increasing cycle parking wherever it can.

Unfortunately, bike theft does happen, but you can make it more difficult for thieves by following these tips from South Wales Police:

  • Always lock your cycle.
  • Invest in a cycle lock which has been tested against attack.
  • Spend at least 10% of the value of your bike on your lock.
  • Lock your bike to a secure cycle rack
  • Lock both the frame & wheels to the cycle rack
  • Keep as small a gap as possible between the cycle & the lock.
  • Keep the lock away from the ground.
  • Face the locking mechanism towards the ground.
  • Take panniers, lights, quick re-lease saddles and cycle computers with you.

Keep a note of your bike’s Model and Frame Number and take some good quality photographs of your bike – especially take close ups of unique features and parts.

Check out for certified locks or ask your local bike shop for advice on locks and register your cycle details on the free national property register, Immobilise.

If the worst happens:

  • Report any information on bike crime by calling 101.
  • If a bike crime is in progress, you should call 999.