Active Travel Lessons

We have created 2 schemes of work, based around the theme of active travel. One is play based, and one teacher led. We encourage you to look at both and decide which is more suitable to the abilities of your pupils. The planning is cross curricular, with Health and Wellbeing as a focus. There are 12 lessons, along with Powerpoints and Resources for teachers to use within their setting.


We also have planning based around our Streetwise Road Safety Program which teachers can use if streetwise may not be available. It has planning for 4/5 lessons as well as resources and powerpoints.

Related projects

Cardiff Council is always working on projects to improve travel for all modes, and is keen to make sure that everyone has the right opportunity to feedback their thoughts and ideas. This page brings you an opportunity to find out more about work in progress. Click on the links below to take a closer look.

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