Schools for the Future

Cardiff has a programme to provide new and upgraded primary and secondary schools to meet 21st century standards in teaching and learning. The new schools are called ‘21st Century Schools’ and are designed to be efficient and sustainable. This includes facilities to support more pupils and staff to travel actively and sustainably on their journey to school and our team works to ensure the new schools are being designed with active travel in mind.

We work with education, transport and design teams and with the school itself. One of our active travel officers works with the school staff to develop an active travel plan specifically for the new school.

Facilities and measures for new 21st Century Schools can include:

  • Secure bike and scooter parking with shelters 
  • Active routes into the school
  • Cycle paths
  • Safe crossings
  • A school street (where suitable)
  • Other road safety measures
  • Lockers (for bike helmets and equipment) 
  • Staff showers and changing facilities

2 examples of these schools are Fitzalan High School and St Mary the Virgin CIW Primary school.

Click here to read the case study of Fitzalan High school.

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