Facilities and Equipment

Cycle and Scooter Parking

Obviously, children can’t ride their bikes or scooters to school if there is nowhere to park them securely when they get there. Therefore Cardiff Council is being pro-active in applying for Welsh Government grants to help with providing secure and sheltered bike and scooter parking facilities in existing schools. Over recent years we have been successful in our grant applications and have been able to install brand new bike shelters, bike parking, and scooter parking at 10 schools across Cardiff recently. We plan to do as many as we can while this fund is available. This grant is particularly for older schools that need the facilities adding to their existing (or non-existing) provision. Please contact us to express your interest if you think you need more bike/scooter parking facilities at your school. If the fund is still available we will try to get you what you need.

Changing infrastructure outside the school gates, eg: crossings, pavements

When we work with schools to create a travel plan, we also discuss any problems they may have with infrastructure outside of the school gates, such as crossings. We coordinate with people to try and implement these changes to make the pavements and roads safer.

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Cardiff Council is always working on projects to improve travel for all modes, and is keen to make sure that everyone has the right opportunity to feedback their thoughts and ideas. This page brings you an opportunity to find out more about work in progress. Click on the links below to take a closer look.

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