Castle Street Proposals

Improvements for cycling

  • New bi-directional segregated cycle lane from Cardiff Bridge to Boulevard de Nantes.
  • At Boulevard de Nantes, cyclists will continue onto another bi-directional segregated cycle lane via a cycling-specific traffic light phase.
  • The junction with Westgate Street will connect cycling provision on Castle Street and Westgate Street

Improvements for walking

  • New signalised pedestrian crossings on all arms of the Boulevard de Nantes junction. The existing underpass to be replaced with an at-grade crossing point.
  • New footway surfacing and public realm improvements.

Changes to buses

  • Increased capacity for northbound bus stops opposite Kingsway.
  • Bus stop KA removed outside Cardiff Castle.
  • Bus stop layouts modified to include bypasses for cyclists.
  • The westbound bus lane will be extended to the west of the junction with Westgate Street towards Cardiff Bridge, taking one traffic lane.

Road design and layout

  • One eastbound traffic lane, on Castle Street, will be removed to facilitate the new cycle lane.
  • At the Boulevard de Nantes junction, one straight ahead lane in the northbound direction will be removed. Two right turn lanes will be retained.
  • Southbound access to Greyfriars Road will be opened up to general traffic.
  • The two raised table sections on Castle Street will be merged to create an extended section of raised table.

Parking and Loading

  • All existing parking/ loading arrangements on the south side of Castle Street will be retained