Central Square Proposals

Improvements for cycling

  • New stepped cycle lane on both sides of Wood Street.
  • Cycle movements at Havelock Street and Westgate Street junctions will have a cycle-specific traffic lights.
  • Lower Westgate Street will include a northbound cycle lane.
  • Southbound cyclists from Westgate Street will be guided onto a corresponding stepped cycleway provided on Park Street and Havelock Street.

Improvements for walking

  • New and upgraded pedestrian crossings throughout project area.
  • Wide crossings with countdown timers
  • Public realm improvements

Improvements for buses

  • Bus priority gate on Lower Westgate Street
  • New bus lanes on Lower Westgate Street
  • New bus stops on Wood Street

Road design and layout

  • The one-way restriction on Havelock Street will be reversed to become southbound only and at the Wood Street junction, all vehicles will be required to turn right.
  • Park Street (between Scott Road and Havelock Street) will become one way in the eastbound direction.
  • Bus gate on Lower Westgate Street

Parking and Loading

  • Access for loading and parking will be maintained.
  • Central Square will be accessed from the South and Westgate Street from the North.
  • Access to Park Street will be retained through the creation of a one-way loop using Scott Road, Park Street and Havelock Street.
  • For loading and access maps, click here